Our Process


Once you have entered into a Design Agreement with us, all of our resources become available to you. We will work as long as it takes to perfect the design. (You heard that right!) We will select a cabinet manufacturer, and develop door and finish samples specific to your project. We will make ourselves available to help you select appliances, counter tops, back splashes, plumbing fixtures etc. and will detail all of this in our drawings for your approval.

It’s during this design phase that we will be interacting with the other professionals who may be involved in your project. Your General Contractor, Architect, and Interior Designer will all be involved and working hard to ensure that you recieve the best each of us has to offer. If you need a referral to any of these professionals, we will be pleased to make a recommendation based on the scale of your project and the availability of the people we work with.

Final Steps


During the construction process, the project is handed over to your general contractor, but we won’t disappear! We remain available to you for questions and detailing throughout the process. We do recommend that your cabinetry be installed by one of our preferred installation contractors. Proper installation of our product requires some familiarity with our systems and techniques to ensure the best possible finished product.

Construction is not an exact science. We will have done our best to anticipate problem areas, and yet challenges always present themselves. We believe that there is no such thing as a “kitchen remodel emergency”. Any problem can be corrected. We understand the process and are equipped to provide solutions, working together with the other team members to solve problems rather than assign blame. We are most interested in the satisfaction of our customers and will work tirelessly toward that end.