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Interior Design

Studio Stratton has over 30 years of experience in San Diego interior design. We know that local residents are meticulous when it comes to design and remodeling, expecting nothing less than the best. For this reason, we have perfected the art of practical, personal, and professional services that exceed client expectations.

Our trustworthy and high-quality design services include the following: kitchen and bath design, architectural drafting, room additions, remodeling, and space planning.

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Kitchen Design

Our team designs your kitchen so that you can make the most of the area. Functionality aside, we also pay attention to your personal design ideas and incorporate them in our work. As a result, you will definitely enjoy every moment you spend in your kitchen.

Bath Design

Your bathroom is more than just a necessity in a house structure. It is a place of relaxation where you can take a warm shower or a nice bath after a stressful day at work. As such, our design team provides high-quality bath design services specifically for you.

Architectural Design

Our architectural design team unifies all the components of the design system and turns them into a functional whole. We are familiar with the art and science of building construction. You can rely on our services for residential and commercial properties alike.

Room Additions

Are you thinking of expanding your home or commercial establishment? Whatever reason you may have for it, you can rely on our team for high-quality room addition services. We listen to what you want and make sure it reflects in the final outcome.


Property remodeling is not always the easiest thing to do; conceptualizing is one thing but executing is another. Trust our team to make the process manageable, whether you need to upgrade your home’s interior or renovate your establishment’s exterior.

Space Planning

Space planning is a major aspect of interior design. It determines the allocation and division of your property’s available space to meet your practical needs and design ideas. Our team has decades of experience, so trust us to maximize your space.